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Who is Texas Drilling Tools LLC?


Reconditioned Handling Tools - Ready

Power Tongs, Handling Tools including Wooley Slips, Baash Ross, Kelly Drive Bushings, Master Bushings, Bushings, Manual Tongs & Parts, Drill Pipe Elevators, Collar Elevators and more....   FIND OUT MORE

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In-Stock and Ready for Delivery is the 250 Ton SLX Side Door Elevator. Our size range from 4-1/2" to 13-3/8". Contact our sales department.

Past Experience Manufacturing Oilfield Tools

Our past experience with manufacturing oilfield tools and building hard to find items makes us your "GO TO" company!

Knowledgable Staff

At Texas Drill Tools, we know the business and will assist you throughout the buying process. CONTACT US for more information.

Casing Tools

TA, SLX, YT, HyT, MYC, HYC, API Bowl-8-5/8, Clamp-style Thread Protectors, Hinged Casing Spider, up to 24" Side Door Elevator, 250 Ton Side Door Elevator (SLX style), and more!  FIND OUT MORE

Elevator / Spiders

250 Ton Elevator/Spider, 350 Ton Elevator/Spider Lightweight (5*12" to 9-5/8", FMS 375 with Control Panel, 350 Ton Elevator Link Extensions-to 72"  FIND OUT MORE

Stock at Our Houston Location

Texas Drilling Tools LLC is located in the home of Down Hole Pipe located at 10231 Belknap Rd, Sugar Land, TX 77498. CONTACT US to make an appointment or just stop by.

Drill Pipe available in-stock!

New, Used Drill Pipe, Drill Collars and Heavywate/Spiralwate, Kellys, Swivels, Inside B.O.P., Rotary Tables. Contact us for details.

Oilfield Equipment Legend

With over 40+ years of experience in the oilfield industry, we have the tools and materials to help you get the job done! We understand you need what you need, and you need it NOW!!!

Drilling Equipment

Manual Tongs: HT35, HT65, HT100; Drill Pipe Elevator: GG,MGG, RGG; RNTA Elevator, Pneumatic Spiders-Type E,C, F, Safety Clamps-Type T & Type C. FIND OUT MORE

Pipe Handling Tools

Baash Ross Type Tools: DU Reg/Long, UC3, Woolley Slips, Drill Collar Slips, CMS-XL, Rotary Slips, Elevator Bails    FIND OUT MORE

A century ago, petroleum - what we call oil - was just an obscure commodity; today it is almost as vital to human existance as water.

- James Buchan